A fun little contest

In February one of the members of a doll group I am in asked if anyone was interested in a fun little creative contest.
She offered to send anyone that wanted to enter, a piece of fabric and we were to make an outfit for the Tonner Grace doll.  Everyone who entered received the same fabric.  I am not sure how many entered but I don’t think we had more than six.

So here is my sewing entry, I don’t have a Tonner Grace doll but my Ellowyne has the same Rtb101 body as Grace so I used her.

I have always been attracted to that sexy, yet gothic chick look.

I started with a corset and short skirt….


Added some Stockings……

Wrist Gauntlets…..

some gold beads down the front of the corset and a matching choker…..

And a gold chain belt…..

Gold boots and we have a new creation.

Here’s a few more photos, I am pretty proud of what I came up with.

And here she is sitting….

I have to admit, when I first seen this fabric I thought yuck, but with a bit of creativity this girl don’t look to bad in it.  This was a fun contest.

Have a great day.
Jodie Creations.