Happy Dolls

This page is dedicated to happy dolls wearing their new Jodie Creations.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.


These photos were either emailed to me or shared in a doll group.
Click on photo for larger image.

Nicolette shared this photo of her Smart Doll in her new Jodie Creations corset, skirt and kitty ears set.  Love it!

Bryan shared this wonderful photo of his Smart Doll ready to jive in her new Jodie Creations corset, skirt and shoes.  Thank you Bryan for such a cute photo.

Taryn had a few very hard weeks so Jodie Creations wanted to do something special for her.  We sent her this sweet dress for her Smart Doll and she was so happy to receive it.  These are the fun photos she sent us.

Lynda wrote me and needed doll quilts made for her Smart Dolls, she had some human sized tee shirts she wanted used and Jodie Creations sure had fun creating these for her dolls.  Aren’t they just so fun.

Wendy sent me this photo of her Ellowyne wearing the lilacs of summer Jodie Creation.  Isn’t she just beautiful.

Lynda shared this photo with me of her Smart Dolls all dressed for the holidays in their Jodie Creations.

Natalie recently purhcased one of my Smart Doll dresses for her Volks SDgr girl.  The dress fit perfectly, what a lovely photo she sent me.

Kay sent me this photo of her gorgeous Violet wearing her new Jodie Creations dress.

Nancy needed a special wedding dress for her Ellowyne Wilde so Jodie Creations was happy to help.  Here is her Ellowyne at her wedding reception.


Jayne wanted a special dress for her Ellowyne Wilde, she chose this gorgeous yellow lace one but when it arrived her Trixie wanted to wear it.  Isn’t she adorable. Thank you Jayne for sharing this wonderful photo.

Cherylan needed some lingerie for her Sybarite girl and came to the right place.
Here is her beautiful Sybarite wearing her pink lace Jodie Creation lingerie.
Thank you Cherylan for sharing this wonderful photo.

Rita recently spoiled her Ellowyne Girls with some new Jodie Creations.
They asked me to share these photos so all can see how beutiful they are.
Thank you Rita….your girls are fabulous.

Antoinette purchased this gorgeous lace gown for her Ellowyne doll and sent me this photo.  She added the hat and necklace and it’s a perfect match.
I love seeing my customers enjoying their beautiful dolls.  Thank you Antoinette.

Today I got an email from Jan.
She purchased two of my Jodie Creations for her Gene Marshall dolls and sent me this wonderful photo of her girls wearing them.
I love it Jan, thank you so much.

Sada’s little Patience doll needed some leggings for Valentines, she wanted pink heart and blue heart ones.  She asked Jodie Creations if they could help and look what little Patience has now.  So cute Sada, thank you for sharing.

A dear customer of mine purchased 3 warm and cozy coats from Jodie Creations.
Here’s her Pru girls all dressed in them.  Love these.

Mary shared this photo with me of her gorgeous Emma.  A one of a kind Emry by Paul, in her new Valentine Jodie Creations dress.  Love all the puppies too.
Thank you Mary.

Lois purchased a few new creations for her girls.  She shared these wonderful photos with me.
Her Iplehouse Creaa Zinnia on the right in the first photo is wearing an Ellowyne Wilde dress.
The center photo is her Iplehouse fid Yur wearing a Jid dress from Jodie Creations.
The photo on the Right is her Resin Evangeline Ghastly in a gorgeous Jodie Creation.

Nikki purchased this hot pink and black lace Jodie Creation for her Ghostly Ellowyne Wilde, the perfect outfit for playing those vintage records.  Thank you Nikki for sharing such a fun photo with me.

Beth shared this gorgeous photo of her stunning Ellowyne in her new lace Jodie Creation.  Thank you Beth.

Ivy purchased this warm and cozy Wilde winter set from Jodie Creations and shared this wonderful photo of her Amber wearing it.  Thank you Ivy.

Anita shared this photo with me of her gorgeous Ellowyne wearing her new Jodie Creations Snoopy tee shirt and leggings set.
She is also wearing a black leather jacket purchased from me a few years ago.  This jacket goes perfect.  Thank you Anita for sharing with me.

Natalie purchased this lace dress for her Mercedes Ellowyne doll.
Here is what she wrote:  I was jumping for joy when this outfit arrived today.
When Mercedes saw this outfit by Jodie, right away she grabbed me and said “This has to be mine!”  How could I refuse this sweet girl?
Thank you Jodie.  It’s gorgeous and we love it.

Diane shared this adorable photo s with em of her Tiny Talyssa all dressed for Halloween in her Jodie Creation.  Isn’t she just adorable.  Thank you Diane.

Anita purchased this adorable fall set from Jodie Creations for her Platinum haired Ellowyne Wilde.  She looks stunning Anita.  Thank you for Sharing.

Christina recently purchased this adorable kitty tee shirt and leggings from Jodie Creations.  She shared this photo with me of her Lizette wearing it.  Thank you Christina I love it.

I created the tee shirt for a dear friend and customer, her dog Katy is on the front. She sent me this adorable photo.


Mary shared these gorgeous Iplehouse Jid girls  wearing their new Jodie Creation dresses.  Love these girls.

My beautiful granddaughter sharing her dolls all dressed in her creations.

Mary shared these gorgeous girls all dressed in their Jodie Creations.

Sue ordered this lace dress set for her Kaye Wiggs doll Gracie, msd.  Isn’t she adorable in her new dress.

Linda Jo recently purchased a Jodie Creation for her Iplehouse jid doll named Asa.
She shared this gorgeous photo with me.  Thank you Linda Jo.

A dear customer shared this photo wit me of her Elle dressed for a day of love in her Jodie Creations valentine dress.  Isn’t she just stunning and love that chair.

Lynda’s Evangeline girls in their Jodie Creations.


Miss Death…Evangeline wearing her new Jodie Creation.
Who would of ever thought Evangeline could look so good in pink.
Thank you Lynda for sharing these photos with me.


Beth shared this photo of her gorgeous girl in the garden.  Thank you Beth.


Pat’s girl is wearing her new something silver set from Jodie Creations.


Deborah shared her Agatha on a beach in Hawaii wearing her Jodie Creation.


Victoria shared this photo of her Saylor as the fairy godmother in her new Jodie Creation


Lucia purchased this dress for her Patience Tokyo doll.  What a sweet photo.  Thank you.


Jane shared with me her Patience and Maudlynne all dressed up.  Such pretty girls.


Deborah loves her Agatha dressed in her purple Jodie Creation.


These gorgeous girls are all wearing creations by me.  Thank you Lynda.


Carol shared this photo of her Patience wearing her new embroidered lace dress from Jodie Creations.


My last naming contest was won by Anita.  Here is her pink haired beuty now named Opal wearing it.  Thank you Anita for sharing.


Anita purchase a pink brocade corset and shared this gorgeous photo of her Ellowyne now named Pink Pearl wearing it.  Love her soft pink hair.



Lynda recently sent me these photos of her girls wearing their new creations.  The black one was called And so the Raven calls.  I love her photos.  Thank you so much Lynda.




IMG_20160422_233732Jane purchased one of my dress creations over a year ago and seen I now make rose head bands to match.  Here is her Ellowyne wearing her new headband.


Kristen shared these with me of her Amber in her new tye Dye tee shirt and leggings.  Love the fit.





IMG_20160421_211726Kristen bought her Essential Ellowyne VII now named Carmin this beutiful Jodie Creation gown.  Thank you for sharing Kristen.





Patricia’s girls all got new tee shirts at Jodie Creations.


Anita shared this photo of her Raven wigged Amber now named  Amy Louise in her new Jodie Creation.


Lynn shared this photo with me of her girls out in the garden on a sunny day, wearing their new Jodie Creations.



This adorable little doll is a Liz Frost doll named Ruby, Ashley purchased this Jodie Creation for her.





Ashley shared these photos with me of her Gracie by Kaye Wiggs wearing the butterfly kisses dress I created.   Thank you Ashley.  Such precious photos.





Pat shared her beautiful Essential Ellowyne III Raven in her new Jodie Creation.   Thank you Pat, Raven is just beautiful.






Linda Jo wrote me and asked if I could make a green dress for her new Liz Frost doll Luna.  Well here is the dress and her gorgeous Luna.

Deb shared this stunning photo of her girls all dressed up and ready to go out.  Just love these girls.  Thank you Deb.

Barbara purchased two of my Jodie creations for her Patience sisters.  So cute and those shoes and necklaces.

Judy sent me this photo of her adorable Prudence on the left and Ellowyne on the right in their new Jodie Creations.

Nancy shared this of her little Valentine Patience and Monkey.  So Cute.

Sada recently purchased this adorable Jodie Creation Valentine set for her Patience Doll.

Anita shared these photos she took of her Amber Gail wearing her Valentine Jodie Creation.





Jane shared this photo of her Dark Shadow wearing her velvet christmas Jodie Creation.


A little holiday fun, shared by Lynda.


Sheryl shared these stunning photos of her Amber wearing a Jodie Creation





Another happy couple.  Shared by Lynda.



Lisa shared this gorgeous creation  wearing a Tears of Endearment Jodie Creation


So sweet and love her jewelry.  Wearing one of Jodie creations corset tops.


A very happy couple.  Shared by Lynda.


Sada shared this gorgeous photo of her girl wearing a necklace she made to match her Jodie Creation.


Minion Sister, shared by Lynda


Another gorgeous girl wearing a Jodie Creation with her best friend.  Thank you Lynda.


My granddaughter is 8 and made this dress for a dear friend of mine, she sent us a photo of her Ellowyne wearing it.


Lynda shared her girl in her new Jodie Creation lace dress and her new man.  Thank you Lynda, what an adorable couple.


Anita shared with me her Ellowyne, now named Maureen, in one of my pale blue and silver corset tops.  Thank you Anita.


Vickie shared her Ellowyne, now named Brooklyn, wearing her sweet pink summer dress from Jodie Creations.  Thank you Vickie.





Pat shared these photos with me of her beutiful Auguste, Ellowyne doll wearing a recreation of Terms of Endearmet by Jodie Creations.  Thank you Pat, she is Fabulous.





Meet the Rose sisters, dressed in their new Jodie Creations, the one on the left is butterfly kisses dress.  Thank you Lynda for sharing.

Amber feels neglected

Sharon shared this fabulous photo of her Amber in her new Jodie Creation dress.  Thank you Sharon.


Margaret sent me a picture of her two girls in their new Jodie Creations dresses enjoying a sunny day. Thank you Margaret.


Linda Jo wrote me a few days ago looking for a special dress for her Ellowyne.   She wanted pink and white.  I went to work immediately and here’s her girl ready for a special day.  Thank you Linda Jo for sharing your photo with me.


Lisa fell in love with this white and lavender embroidered lace dress from jodiecreations.  Her girl looks fabulous, thank you Lisa.


Linda Jo sent me this photo of her sweet Ell wearing an aqua flowered summer dress from jodiecreations.


I hosted an Easter photo contest and this dress was one of the prizes I donated, Anita was so excited when she won she shared a photo with me of her Ell enjoying a spring day.  Thank you Anita.


Lynda purchase my creation As she gently weeps, she shared a photo of her Ell wearing It.  Thank you Lynda for sharing such A beutiful photo.


Anita purchased a recreation of Tears of

Endearment from me and shared this photo. Thank you Anita.

Nicolette in the Netherlands and her Amber in her new faux leather jacket from jodiecreations.

Sheryl’s girls got a package from jodiecreations in the mail.

Here is Alice wearing her new pink jammies and brown faux leather jacket from jodiecreations.






Anita’s Amber Gail in her jodiecreations pink heart dress.




Nicolette in the Netherlands sent me photos of her girls in their new Fur coat, hat and dresses.  All from jodiecreations.

Lynda in Michigan and her girl wearing a jodiecreations dress, coat and hat.

Sheryl’s girl enjoying her new embroidered french lace dress by jodiecreations.

Beth sent me this photo of her Kirsten in her favorite jodiecreation corduroy dress, with Wil standing close behind her.