Kassia Enjoying the sun

We finally are getting some nice sunny days and all our rain has started drying up, so today Kassia and I ventured out in the yard to enjoy the sun:

A while ago a friend shared a link to a wonderful sight to make miniatures for our dolls.
I have been having so much fun creating them I just have to share it all with you.

Here is Kassia (my Iplehouse Jid) with her new cell phone:

Since halloween is getting closer, I decided to do some candy bars and boxes, oh and an Ipad:

Here is a close up, they fit perfect in her back pocket:

If you would like to make your own miniatures, or props,
here is a link to the wonderful website where I got mine,
just click the photo below.




Have fun!

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New Laptop and Creation for the Iplehouse Jid Girls

Kassia got her new laptop today.

I found it on ebay and is perfect size for the Iplehouse Jid girls or dolls of similar size.  It actually has a mirror in it.

Here she is sitting with it:

I also created a new outfit for her, something very casual for purchase.

This set includes the tye dye tee shirt, in dark pink, lavender, white and teal, top closes in the back with a snap closure and lavender leggings, the leggings have an elastic waistband.  Doll is not included.
$24.50, includes u.s. shipping and tracking.  All other countries please contact me for shipping rates.
Sold Out!

Iplehouse Jid doll Kassia

Please welcome to Jodie Creations the newest member.

Iplehouse Jid doll:  Kassia

Kassia arrived a few days ago and I was so excited to add this beutiful creation to my website.
Kassia is approximately 17 inches tall.
She has a peach gold skin tone and is the large bust doll.

Here she is when she arrived:

Trying on different wigs:

She is very similar to the size of Ellowyne Wilde.
Here they are next to each other.


And of course, here she is in her new Jodie Creation.

I will be adding many new creations for this girl soon.

Lilacs and a tribute

A few years ago when my father passed away
my husband and I planted lilacs all along
the side of our yard,
they were my fathers favorite flower.

This is the first time they have actually had blooms,
when I noticed them I started missing my dad so much,
the following photos I did with my Ellowyne Wilde doll
as a tribute in memory of my father.

This ones for you daddy, I love you and miss you.





Those New Red Shoes

Yesterday I got a package in the mail.

So exciting, I love getting packages, but what was in this one?

It was from a friend in my doll groups and whom I met on Facebook.

I was so excited when I opened the box and inside were these fabulous,
red shoes for Ellowyne Wilde.

PB Ray is her name and she has a 3D printer and is now making doll shoes
and selling them in her etsy shop.
Recently she decided to make Ellowyne Wilde size and sent me a few pairs.

Here are the Red Shoes I received:


Yes, I had to make a new dress to match them,
of course my Ellowyne Wilde girl didn’t mind at all,
but aren’t these the most awesome red shoes.

Here’s some more photos:



PB Ray will be adding these and many other colors to her etsy shop soon.

You can also contact her if you would like a specific color, oh and did I mention they are
very reasonably priced, if you have ever shopped for shoes for your dolls,
they can be very pricey.

Here is a link to her Etsy shop.

Just click the photo below:


Kentucky Derby Hat Contest Winner

A couple weeks ago I entered a contest in a doll group.

The theme was:  Those Kentucky Derby Hats,
you had to take a photo of your Ellowyne doll wearing a fabulous Kentucky Derby style hat.

I thought, hey why not, so I got out a hat and began decorating it.
Found a gown I had made,
grabbed my Prudence doll and some props and here is my entry:


Don’t you just love the peeps, and that long red braided wig.
A park bench, tea cup and saucer, with a peep, a few flowers, feathers
and a horse.  Photo Complete.  This was alot of fun.

The winner was to be announced that Sunday.
I figured I wouldn’t have a chance, so many creative and wonderful entries.

So while I waited I decided to do some more photos and a little story:


Prudence arrived at the Kentucky Derby, it was a gorgeous sunny day and
she had to go and meet all the horses.

This big white horse just caught her eye and she introduced herself to him.

She did not know someone was watching her and taking pictures.


She gazed in to the big horses eyes,


And gave him a kiss.

Okay, Sunday was finally here and I went to check who had won the contest,
I was so shocked, I had won second place.  Wow, I never win anything, usually
I am the one doing the contest.  I was so excited and here is the prize I won.
A blue and silver dot, Wilde Imagination bag for my girls.
Ellie grabbed that bag up so quick and let me take her photo.
Course you know me, I had to make an outfit to match.


She had to wear a pink wig in the first photo, because the weekly theme was pink.

Isn’t that just the most adorable bag she won?

The next photos she wanted to wear a blue wig to match.




I want to say Thank you to the girls that hosted this contest.  It was alot of fun.





If you are interested in the blue lace top and silver leggings shown in the photo,
it is available on my Ellowyne Wilde page.

Just click the photo below for more information.

Spring, Easter Photo Contest Winners

Big Thank you to all our entries.

And the Winners by Random Drawing
of our Spring, Easter photo contest are as follows.

Each photo entry has been given a number.

By random drawing 6 numbers have been chosen as we have 6 prizes.

Click the photo below to view the prizes

An email will be sent to each winner when it is
their turn to choose a prize, so

Please Watch your Email.


1st Place winner.  Fairies in Spring.


2nd Place winner.  Prudence at Keukenhof


3rd Place winner.  Picnic with Piggies.


4th Place winner.


5th Place winner.


6th Place winner.

Ellowyne Wilde Spring, Easter Photo Contest

Get Your Camera’s Ready!

It’s Time for a Spring, Easter theme Photo Contest!

Contest is Closed!

Beginning March 20th through April 8th midnight est.

Ellowyne Wilde fans are invited to join my Spring, Easter Photo Contest.

Click the photo below for more information.


Below are the current entries in the Spring, Easter photo contest:


Entry #1  Easter Picnic.


Entry #2


Entry #3  Picnic with the Piggies


Entry #4


Entry #5


Entry #6  Trimming the Easter Tree


Entry #7


Entry #8


Entry #9  Fairies in Spring


Entry #10


Entry #11  Taking a Peep to smell the lilies


Entry #12


Entry #13


Entry #14


Entry #15 Prudence at Keukenhof.


#16  Old Fashioned Easter.


#17 Bunny Keeper.

Amber and those Adorable Bunnies

I love creating stories with dolls.

After all dolls should be played with.

Here is one I created featuring Amber, on the left
and Ellie on the right.

Amber and those Adorable Bunnies.


Oh Ellie, it’s such a beautiful day in the sewing room…..


I could just sit here all day….


OMG….look Ellie a little white bunny….


Oh, he is so cute…..


Look Amber, another one…..


Ellie I am going to take them home, they are so cute…..


I know they are cute Amber, but bunnies can be a handful….


Oh Ellie, these two?  They are just so friendly and sweet…..


Amber, Ellie is right, don’t take them home….


Well, I don’t care what they say, you two are staying with me,
what harm can two cute bunnies do?


Many Moons Later…..


Oh….why didn’t I listen!

Bridesmaids in Spring

I was asked to commission a large quanity of spring or summer dresses for the Ellowyne Wilde Girls.

Well of course, I am thinking a spring wedding with lots of bridesmaids.

Here are six of the dresses I created and the process of making them all complete.

Remember:  Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.











Love how they all turned out.

Each set included a ruffled dress adorned with white pearl beads and ivory satin ribbon.
Ivory mesh stockings and arm bands.
Beaded butterfly choker.
Rose and butterfly headband. (My husband hand painted the roses and butterflies).

Halloween Gone Wilde Contest Winners


Thank you to all our entries and especially to those who have donated a prize.

And the Winners by Random Drawing
of our Halloween Gone Wilde photo contest are as follows.

Each photo entry has been given a number.

By random drawing 15 numbers have been chosen.

An email will be sent to each winner when it is
their turn to choose a prize, shown below, so

Please Watch your Email.

1st Place:  #20  Training up the Witch Child.  🙂


2nd Place:  #11  Tale of the Raven  🙂


3rd Place:  #21  “Cat-Suit Cutie”!  🙂


4th Place:  #3  Like Mother Like Daughter 🙂


5th Place:  #19  The Gathering 🙂


6th Place:  #4  Through the Door 🙂


7th Place:  #22  Against the Full Moon 🙂


8th Place:  #2  Malificent and Beastie 🙂


9th Place:  #8  Smashing Pumpkins 🙂


10th Place:  #1  Welcome to the Mansion 🙂


11th Place:  #12  The Sorceress 🙂


12th Place:  #18  Bride of Frankenstein 🙂


13th Place:  #5  Ellowyne in Grandma Mattie’s Attic 🙂


14th Place:  #15  Beyond 🙂


15th Place:  #6  Heaven and Hell meet Purgatory 🙂



Halloween Gone Wilde Photo Contest

Get your Camera’s Ready!

It’s October…and that means it’s time for our annual Halloween Photo Contest.

This year’s contest is titled:

Halloween Gone Wilde.


We have decided to include Ellowyne Wilde and the Evangeline Ghastly Girls.

So take a Halloween themed photo featuring at least one Ellowyne Wilde or Evangeline Ghastly Character.

Contest is Closed!
from Saturday, October 8 through Friday, October 21 Midnight EST.

Photos will be hosted here for all to see, your name will be kept confidential.

Only one entry per person, you may not substitute a different entry once you email it to me.

This contest is open to all, International members are welcome and encouraged to participate also.

On October 22nd I will announce the winners chosen by random drawing.

Since we have 15 prizes so far, we will have 15 winners.  Winners will choose a prize based on order their photo was drawn.

If you would like to donate a prize for our Wilde contest, please email me a photo of your prize.

Come join the fun!   We always love to see what your Wilde clan is up to.

Any questions?   Feel free to contact me.


And Here are the Entries!

Evangeline, Angelique and Sybil.  Welcome to the Mansion!

Malificent and Beastie!

Like Mother, Like Daughter!


Through the Door!


Ellowyne in Grandma Mattie’s Attic.


Heaven and Hell meet Purgatory.

Processed with Snapseed.

Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble.


Smashing Pumpkins.


Daughter of Darkness.


Happy Halloween!


Tale of the Raven.


The Sorceress.


Light of a Full Moon.


Unrequited Love.




Witches Abroad on Halloween Night.




Bride of Frankenstein.


The Gathering.


Training up the Witch Child.


“Cat-Suit Cutie”!


Against the Full Moon.


A Wedding in October for the Evangeline Ghastly Girls

The following creation will fit the Tonner, Wilde Imagination 18.5″
Evangeline Ghastly Girls including Angelique and Parnilla Dolls.

This is a One of A Kind Creation.  It will not be repeated.

Price includes u.s. shipping and tracking.
Doll and shoes are not included.
Click on photos for larger image.





A Wedding in October for the Evangeline Ghastly Girls.
This is a One of a Kind Creation, it will not be repeated.
Set includes:
White embroidered french lace corset top, adorned down the center front with silver eyelets and a white satin ribbon, the straps attach behind the dolls neck with a snap closure, top is fully lined and closes in the back with snap closures.
White embroidered french lace 3 tiered skirt, skirt has an elastic waistband.
White embroidered french lace veil, veil is attached to a hand painted white rose headband.
White lace french cut bikini bottoms, white stretch lace stockings and arm gauntlets.
Sold!, includes u.s. shipping and tracking.  All other countries please contact me for shipping rates.                        Sold!

Madam Butterfly Creation

The following creation will fit the Tonner, Wilde Imagination 18.5″
Evangeline Ghastly, Angelique and Parnilla Dolls.

Price includes u.s. shipping and tracking.
All other countries please contact me for shipping rates.
Doll and shoes are not included.
Click on photos for larger image.

Madam Butterfly






Madam Butterfly.  A Creation for Evangeline Ghastly.
This gorgeous daring layered gown is done in a black butterfly and rose  embroidered french lace.  The straps are gathered and attach behind the dolls neck with a snap closure.  The dress closes in the back with snap closures and is fully lined, the bodice is lined in white.
Also included in this listing are the black arm gauntlets, they slide on and off the doll.  Black web long veil, Black and gray rose crown, Note:  the crown rests on the dolls head it is not attached to the veil so can be worn without it or with another outfit.
I have taken photos of the gown on a black haired and platinum haired Evangeline doll.  The doll has her shoes on and is on her stand.  This dress will fit the 18.5 inch Evangeline Ghastly doll only.  (Or Parnilla or Angelique).
Don’t miss out on this one, Halloween is coming.  Click on photos for larger image.
Sold!  , includes u.s. shipping and tracking.  All other countries please contact me for shipping rates.

It’s time for a giveaway….

Are you a member of Facebook?

If so…..click on the photo below and enter my Ellowyne Wilde Creation giveaway on Facebook.

Simply like my facebook page.
Share my giveaway post.
Like my giveaway post.

On August 24th, one lucky person will win this gorgeous, metallic gold and turquoise dress for Ellowyne Wilde.
Doll and shoes are not included.

Good Luck!

Congratulations Edith.  Your name was drawn.


Note:  You may have to scroll down my Facebook page to find the post.

And so the Raven Calls….

And so the Raven Calls…..a one of a kind creation for Ellowyne Wilde, but will also fit, Prudence, Amber, and Lizette.

Price includes u.s. shipping.  All other countries please contact me for shipping rate.  Doll and shoes are not included.
If you prefer to not pay with paypal, please contact me.  I also accept u.s. money orders and personal checks, (all personal check payments will be held till check clears).  Click on photos for larger image.

A One of a Kind Creation


And so the Raven Calls is a one of a kind creation.
Set includes:  Black corset top adorned on the center front with a silver and swarovoski crystal inlaid cross.  Corset is lined in a white cotton fabric and closes in the back with snap closures.
Black and silver embroidered french lace skirt, lined in black cotton and has an elastic waistband.
Black and Silver gray rose headband, adorned with a swarovoski crystal and trimmed with black satin ribbons.
Black lace choker adorned with a swarovoski crystal in the center, choker closes in the back with a snap closure.
Black lace stockings and arm bands.
Black and silver embroidered french lace shawl.
Doll and shoes are not included.  This set will not be repeated.  Click on photos for larger image.
Sold.  includes u.s. shipping.  All other countries please contact me for shipping rates.

This set was created in honor of my brother in law
whom passed away last week. 
R.I.P. Darryle.

Time for a contest giveaway….

It’s time for a fun little contest giveaway
for a chance to win this sweet pink velvet summer top and capris
for your Ellowyne Wilde, or Amber, Prudence or Lizette.

Doll and Shoes are not included.

 Here’s how to enter.

Fill in the four blanks below,
Name which Wilde Imagination doll this was written for.
Hint:  Can only be either an Ellowyne, Amber, Prudence or Lizette.

Sometimes I feel like
I’m already there Just drifting
through life – trying not to care;
Each day is another –
so much time to afford
(Sigh) I guess my new
title shoud be ___________
______  _______  __________.

At the bottom of this post,
click on the comments, enter your name and email,
email will not be shown,
then type in your answer.
Please note:  your answer will not show up until it is approved by me.  This protects
my website from spam, so be patient it will show up after a few minutes.
First one to answer which doll this is, wins the outfit shown above.

Anita guessed it correctly.



Embroidered Lace for Ellowyne Wilde

Embroidered Lace Sets for the Wilde Imagination Ellowyne Wilde, Amber, Prudence and Lizette dolls.

Price includes u.s. shipping.  All other countries please contact me for shipping rate.  Doll and shoes are not included.
If you prefer to not pay with paypal, please contact me.  I also accept u.s. money orders and personal checks, (all personal check payments will be held till check clears).  Click on photos for larger image.




This dress was created similar to the Tears of Endearment done by Wilde Imagination, it is done in a white soft cotton fabric with a gorgeous white embroidered french lace overlay, the waist is adorned with a pale blue satin ribbon that ties in a bow in the back along with two snap closures.  Also added are the pale blue satin ribbon bows on the shoulders.  White lace stockings and white lace armlets complete the set.  $60.00, includes u.s. shipping, all other countries please contact me for shipping rates.  Doll and shoes are not included.
This dress can also be done with a pink, lavender or your choice of color satin ribbon.
Sold Out! 

As She Gently Weeps

A while ago I heard a song on the radio I hadn’t heard in so long, part of the lyrics were, As she Gently Weeps.

Well here is my version of those lyrics, created in to a dress for Ellowyne Wilde.

I used a black french lace with silver and black embroidery.  The top of the bodice is lined in white to prevent staining, armlets and long veil completed the whole set.

IMG_20150401_074516_resized IMG_20150401_080523_resized_2

IMG_20150401_091435_resized_1 IMG_20150401_074852_resized_1