New Spring Creations for Smart Doll

Spring is approaching fast, time to get outside and enjoy some sunshine.


Your Smart doll Guy will love these new shirt Creations…

Get yours now……Click Here for more information.

Click here and get your casual Creations now and check back often, I will be adding more soon.

New Corsets, Skirts and Kitty Ears…..

Available on my Corsets, Skirts and Lingerie page.

Sweet dresses available….Click HERE!

More Creations coming soon.

Halloween Photo Contest for Smart Doll

Get your Camera’s Ready……It’s time for a Halloween Photo Contest and a chance to win a gorgeous Jodie Creation.

Contest is Closed.

Drum Roll Please…………Symphony has selected the winners of the Halloween photo contest…..

1st place winner is #4:  

Second place winner is #14:

Third place winner is #16:

Thank you to all of you who entered and all the wonderful creative photos you emailed me.  This was so much fun and I love seeing all the entries.

Winners please watch your email for your turn to choose your prize.

I have created two embroidered lace dresses for prizes and a pink velvet butterfly dress:  Doll is not included.

Here are the current entries in the Halloween Photo Contest.

Entry #1:  Cabeza

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4:  Spellbinder.

Entry #5:  Brewing Potion.

Entry #6

Entry #7:  Cauldron Lounge.

Entry #8

Entry #9:  The Witch is waiting.
(Cute witch Ju-chan and her creatures, Mini Totoro and Kiiroitori, are
waiting to get out and about on Halloween eve to collect some candy).

Entry #10:  Mirai and her nurse costume.

Entry #11:  When in doubt…add a hat.

Entry #12:  Cloning Spell in Process.

Entry #13:  Tricks or Treats.  (Because Ayame wants to Treat you and Eiji wants to trick you :).

Entry #14:  Ethan and Talia are working on channeling some dark forces – using Crystal as a conduit.

Entry #15

Entry #16:  “Wizardesses casting their spell”.

Entry #17:  “Pumpkins with Pumpkins”.

Entry #18

She’s a Good Witch….

Need a fun costume for your Smart Doll?

How about a Good Witch……..

Click on photos for larger image.

The Good Witch.
This gorgeous Creation is done in a white bridal lace with 3d chiffon flowers,  white embroidery, sequins and pearl beads.  The gown is adorned down the center front with white pearl beads and a white satin ribbon around the waist.  Fully lined in a white bridal cotton and closes in the back with snap closures.
Also Included are the matching witch hat, white mesh stockings and choker, the choker attaches behind the dolls neck with a snap closure.
Doll is not included.
This can also be used for Bridal Season just add a veil or flowers in her hair.
Sold Out!

This Creation will fit the Smart Doll (24″), small bust.
It is being modeled by my Symphony.
Price includes u.s. shipping and tracking.
All other countries please Contact me for shipping rates.
Doll and shoes are not included.
If you would like this gown in a Medium or Large bust please contact me.
All my creations are designed to slide on and off the doll feet first.  No having to remove the dolls head or arms.

Sweet Heart Bridal Gown for Smart Doll

One of a Kind, Sweet Heart Bridal Gown set for your Smart Doll.
Created for the Smart Doll (24″), small bust.
It is being modeled by my Symphony.
Price includes u.s. shipping and tracking.

Click on photos for Larger Image.

This is a one of a kind creation for your Smart Doll girl.
Included are the following:
White embroidered sweet heart bridal lace gown with white 3d organza flowers and sequins.  Gown is adorned down the center front with white pearl beads, fully lined in a white bridal cotton and closes in the back with 3 snap closures.
Necklace, created with white pearl beads and clear and lavender swarvoski crystals, necklace closes in the back with a clasp closure.
Floral headband, with lavender, pink and white flowers.
Bridal bouquet, created with lavender, pink and white flowers.
White mesh stockings and Lavender and white garter.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Warm and Cozy Creations for your Smart Doll

Holiday themed ruffled velour dresses……

Available now.  Click Here for more information.

Warm and Cozy Creations:

Click here for more photos and information.

Visit my Corsets page for some fun Holiday themed corsets….

Did you know?  Jodie Creations can do all our creations now in Medium and Large bust also.  Just contact me if would like an item in a different bust size so I can be sure we have the item in stock.

Here’s Symphony modeling a large bust corset.