Easter Creations for the Kaye Wiggs Tiny Dolls

Easter or Princess these adorable and sweet creations are currently available. They are limited so get them while you can.

They will fit the Kaye Wiggs Tiny dolls yosd.
Being modeled by my Tiny Talyssa who is approximately 11 inches tall.

Each set includes the embroidered french lace dress, flowered wreath, white plush bunny, matching lace purse and knit socks.

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We ship to all countries.  If you purchase one of my creations but live outside of the United States, you will be invoiced through paypal for the additional shipping charges.

Feel free to contact me with any questions by clicking Here.

Waiting for Christmas

Today I created this adorable little set for my Tiny Talyssa.

She is waiting for Christmas.

This set is available here.

The set includes the adorable pale blue, long sleeve tee shirt with polar bear print, white leggings with an elastic waistband, red and white stripe socks and red velvet Santa hat, adorned with a gold jingle bell.  Get yours now.

Tiny Talyssa and Maggie

Today I did some photo play with my Tiny Talyssa by Kaye Wiggs.

She is so adorable, she got a new kitten today….

After taking these photos I noticed my dog Maggie sound asleep with one eye open and her tongue hanging out, she doesn’t have many teeth so her tongue hangs out alot…..

So we ventured over to see her….

And then she woke up…..

And realized it was just me and Tiny Talyssa….

My amazing dog Maggie and adorable Tiny Talyssa.

New Creations for the Kaye Wiggs Tiny dolls

These sets are just adorable and will fit the New Kaye Wiggs Tiny dolls.

Click Here for more information or visit my Kaye Wiggs Tiny dolls page.

Tiny Talyssa by Kaye Wiggs

She’s Here!

My adorable Tiny Talyssa by Kaye Wiggs arrived today.  I ordered her in February.

Here she is and is she ever cute.  These dolls do not come with their eyes set in.  That is what makes them so fun.  You can purchase any eye color you want.  I prefer brown and that is the color she came with.

I think she is hinting to me to get her eyes in, she wants to see where she is.

Now that’s better, look at that adorable face.

This girl sure is a cutie.

Time for some Wig play.  I think this one is way too big….but I love the color on her.

Hmm….this blonde one is cute, no bangs.

How about Black with bangs?

Or Blonde with bangs?

Oh now this one I think is my favorite, love those curls.

Now how about a dress, girls got to have clothes.  She thinks she’s a princess now.

Well, with this pose she does look like a princess.

Talyssa, this pink wig is way too big for you.  I can see we will be ordering her a long pink wig.  She really likes pink.

And a princess dress already done.  This dress is available on my Kaye Wiggs Tiny Dolls page.