Endless Mist of Storms for Sybarite

The following creation will fit the Sybarite Doll.
It is being modeled by Baccarat with the Generation X.2 Body.
Price includes u.s. shipping and tracking.
All other countries please contact me for shipping rates.
Doll is not included.
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Endless Mist of Storms.
This set includes the gorgeous embroidered french lace dress is shades of gray and silver, the bodice is lined in white and closes in the back with two snap closures.  The misty gray web veil drops over the doll and can be draped to any position or style you want.   Doll is not included.
Sold!, includes u.s. shipping and tracking.  All other countries please contact me for shipping rates.

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Tears of Endearment

Recently I was asked if I could create a dress similar to the Wilde Imaginations gone but not forgotten, Tears of Endearment.
So here it is.  The very last photo is the original by Wilde Imagination.

This dress is done in a white soft cotton fabric with a gorgeous embroidered french lace overlay, the waist is adorned with a pale blue satin ribbon that ties in a bow in the back along with two snap closures.  Also added are the pale blue satin ribbon bows on the shoulders.  White lace stockings and white lace armlets complete the set.  Doll and shoes are not included.
This set is sold.