Kaye Wiggs Dolls Information


I have been asked so many questions regarding the Kaye Wiggs dolls, I have decided to post this for others to refer to.
Kaye wiggs dolls can only be purchased on the website:  http://www.jpopdolls.net/store/home.php
They are a collector dolls and not recommended for children.
They are limited edition only. Made in limited number or a limited order period.
They must be pre ordered.
A preorder is when Kaye offers a new sculpt or previous sculpt in a different style or color.
The preorder usually runs 30 days. (I recommend you register with the jpops website to be notified by email of any new preorders or special sales).
Once the preorder ends, the orders for the dolls are placed with the factory and the dolls are then made by hand, cast, sanded, polished, strung, painted etc.
The dolls are then shipped out and delivered. Kayes dolls can take up to 6 months from the time you preorder to actually receive the doll.  The quanity of dolls made is based on the preorder.
They come with a random eye color, bald and nude.
Kaye Wiggs dolls are BJd, which means they are a ball jointed doll, strung together and made of a high quality resin.
They come in different sizes.
SD size:         55cm or around 22” to 23”, 14mm size eyes and wear a size 8/9 wig.
MSD Size:  42cm to 45cm or around 16” to 18”, 16mm size eyes and wear a size 8/9.
YOSD (Tiny):     28cm or around 11” tall, 12mm size eyes and wear a size 6/7 wig.
IMG_20150911_104833Photo courtesy of:   forevervirginia.
If you have seen a Kaye wiggs doll you want and is no longer available, sometimes they show up on ebay, the resin café, located at the bottom of jpops website, or are posted in the facebook group Kaye Wiggs Dolls (https://www.facebook.com/groups/168609203344889/?ref=bookmarks).
Here are a few tips for when you receive your Kaye wiggs doll.
The dolls do not come with their eyes inserted.  You will need to insert the eyes.
Here is a photo of my Talyssa being greated by her big sister Layla.
The back top of the head is held together with strong magnets.
You will need to remove the back top of the head to insert the eyes. Just gently pull on it and it will come off.
I use a clear silicone ear plug, the kind swimmers use to insert mine. Take a small piece of the silicone, roll it out in a long strand and carefully place it around the inside of the head where the eye will go. Then gently press the eye in place, the silicone will hold it in place. It will take a few times before your eyes are looking correct and not off in to space. Just play around with them.
Here is a photo of the back of my Laylas head.  You can see how it comes apart and how I have the eyes held in with a silicone ear plug.  The little bear just wanted to be part of the picture.
The dolls also come bald. So you will need to purchase a wig for your doll, this is where the fun begins. Jpops has a page on their website where you can purchase wigs for your doll.  The preorder page will list the size of the wig you will need.
IMG_20150911_103735My sweet Talyssa wearing a monique, Ellowyne Rose wigg.
Your doll will also come nude, so you will have all the fun of dressing her or him, and buying clothes or creating your own. They also like lots of toys.


Kayes dolls are very unique and can be posed in a fabulous way. Here is a special tip I found on the resin cafe posted by Kaye herself.
Click on photos for larger image.
I hope this helps you with your new Kaye wiggs doll.
IMG_20150911_103657Talyssa playing with my dog Maggie.
You can also email jpops at staff@jpopdoll.net  if you have any questions.
Join the Resin Café, located at the bottom of jpops website.
or join us on facebook in the group Kaye Wiggs Dolls.