Count the Candy Contest

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our contest.

Tiny Talyssa had a lot of Candy Corns in her little red wagon……

a Total of 262.

Amanda guessed 255,
Congratulations Amanda,
you have guessed the closest without going over.
Please check your email.


It’s time for a contest.

Count the Candy……!!!!!!!!!!

And Win….Win…win $30.00 Off.

In the photo below….Tiny Talyssa has spilled all the Candy Corns on the ground.

Can you guess how many Candy Corns were in her little red wagon?

On October 21st, the person who guessed the closest, without going over will win 1 free item or $30.00 off their next purchase.

Contest is closed!

Comment your guess, then
fill in the required information.
(Note:  Your guess will not show up right away

or until approved).
Only one entry per person.
All entries will be posted here,
your full  name will be kept confidential.
In the event two entries both guess the same

number, the first entry will be the winner.
Contest ends at Midnight October 20th est.
The winner will be announced on this page.

Angela L.  237

Dale J.  449

Debbie Z.  55

Daniel O.  183

Natalie H.  189

Dotti G.  122

Charlene.  198

Christina G.  160

Nicolette.   221

Sharon D.  200

Lynnette F.  244

Jacqui A.  227

Elizabeth.  172

Michele J.  200

Lee K.  235

Marie K.  57

Lynda L.  265

Amanda.  255

Victoria R.  628

Robin.  144

Kay S.  132

Kim.  132

Marilyn N.  100

Felicia B.  204

Deb A.  97

Maxine A.  182

Linda S.  63

Ginger G.  300

Duana G.  301

Tom B.  310

Doris O.  247

Kesirin T.  248

Nancy T.  272

Donna L.  241

Judith.  525

Ivy P.  233

Sharon M.  197

Sandra B.  267

Jeed.  186

David E.  176

Ewa.  413

Anita.  153

Cindy K.  320

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