Kentucky Derby Hat Contest Winner

A couple weeks ago I entered a contest in a doll group.

The theme was:  Those Kentucky Derby Hats,
you had to take a photo of your Ellowyne doll wearing a fabulous Kentucky Derby style hat.

I thought, hey why not, so I got out a hat and began decorating it.
Found a gown I had made,
grabbed my Prudence doll and some props and here is my entry:


Don’t you just love the peeps, and that long red braided wig.
A park bench, tea cup and saucer, with a peep, a few flowers, feathers
and a horse.  Photo Complete.  This was alot of fun.

The winner was to be announced that Sunday.
I figured I wouldn’t have a chance, so many creative and wonderful entries.

So while I waited I decided to do some more photos and a little story:


Prudence arrived at the Kentucky Derby, it was a gorgeous sunny day and
she had to go and meet all the horses.

This big white horse just caught her eye and she introduced herself to him.

She did not know someone was watching her and taking pictures.


She gazed in to the big horses eyes,


And gave him a kiss.

Okay, Sunday was finally here and I went to check who had won the contest,
I was so shocked, I had won second place.  Wow, I never win anything, usually
I am the one doing the contest.  I was so excited and here is the prize I won.
A blue and silver dot, Wilde Imagination bag for my girls.
Ellie grabbed that bag up so quick and let me take her photo.
Course you know me, I had to make an outfit to match.


She had to wear a pink wig in the first photo, because the weekly theme was pink.

Isn’t that just the most adorable bag she won?

The next photos she wanted to wear a blue wig to match.




I want to say Thank you to the girls that hosted this contest.  It was alot of fun.





If you are interested in the blue lace top and silver leggings shown in the photo,
it is available on my Ellowyne Wilde page.

Just click the photo below for more information.