Vetting for Fritz

Meet Fritz.
Fritz’s owner, Denise, has been battling cancer for over 2 years now.
On Wednesday, Denise entered into Hospice, her companion and best friend has now joined me and my husband in my home, with my 3 other dachshunds.

Fritz is in need of being neutered, his shots, license and a good dental.
My husband and I are asking for donations towards Fritz’s medial bills so that he may live out the rest of his life with us.

Fritz is 8 years old and has had a hard past 2 years, he so deserves to lay around, be happy and enjoy the few years he has left.

We have set up a gofund account for Fritz and are asking for any donations to help pay for his vetting expenses.

If you can please help Fritz out click his photo below.

Fritz will need to be neutered, the cost is $283.00
He will need all his shots and license as he has not been to a vet in over 2 years.
Cost of his shots and license are $92.00.
Fritz is in dire need of a good dental.
Cost of dental is approximately $385.00

His vet is Sault Animal Hospital in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.

Any small donation would greatly be appreciated.

You can also make a small donation through paypal if you prefer.
Paypal address is:

Feel free to email me with any questions at: