Kassia waiting for the Eclipse.

We didn’t get much of an Eclipse here, so I enjoyed watching it on tv.  It did seem like for a bit it was overcast but that is all it did.  Kassia enjoyed being outside watching for it.

I hope you got to enjoy it.

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Kassia Enjoying the sun

We finally are getting some nice sunny days and all our rain has started drying up, so today Kassia and I ventured out in the yard to enjoy the sun:

A while ago a friend shared a link to a wonderful sight to make miniatures for our dolls.
I have been having so much fun creating them I just have to share it all with you.

Here is Kassia (my Iplehouse Jid) with her new cell phone:

Since halloween is getting closer, I decided to do some candy bars and boxes, oh and an Ipad:

Here is a close up, they fit perfect in her back pocket:

If you would like to make your own miniatures, or props,
here is a link to the wonderful website where I got mine,
just click the photo below.




Have fun!

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New Laptop and Creation for the Iplehouse Jid Girls

Kassia got her new laptop today.

I found it on ebay and is perfect size for the Iplehouse Jid girls or dolls of similar size.  It actually has a mirror in it.

Here she is sitting with it:

I also created a new outfit for her, something very casual for purchase.

This set includes the tye dye tee shirt, in dark pink, lavender, white and teal, top closes in the back with a snap closure and lavender leggings, the leggings have an elastic waistband.  Doll is not included.
$24.50, includes u.s. shipping and tracking.  All other countries please contact me for shipping rates.
Sold Out!

Iplehouse Jid doll Kassia

Please welcome to Jodie Creations the newest member.

Iplehouse Jid doll:  Kassia

Kassia arrived a few days ago and I was so excited to add this beutiful creation to my website.
Kassia is approximately 17 inches tall.
She has a peach gold skin tone and is the large bust doll.

Here she is when she arrived:

Trying on different wigs:

She is very similar to the size of Ellowyne Wilde.
Here they are next to each other.


And of course, here she is in her new Jodie Creation.

I will be adding many new creations for this girl soon.