Holiday Contest Giveaway

 Time for a Holiday contest for a chance to win
this gorgeous embroidered french lace dress for Ellowyne Wilde
made by Jodie Creations.


 Here’s how to enter.

Fill in the two blanks below,
Name which Wilde Imagination doll this was written for.
Hint:  Can only be either an Ellowyne, Amber, Prudence or Lizette.

Non-glossy but fun –
I guess you could say
Is definately not the
way I come off to my
friends every day;
I’m the one out in
front – declaring my
leadership style
A _____________  _____________ of
a friend – please-
not by a mile!

At the bottom of this post,
click on the comments, enter your name and email,
email will not be shown,
then type in your answer.
First one to answer which doll this is, wins the dress shown above.

 Happy Holidays